Sources of information

If you’re just starting to shoot, it’s really useful to have a few different sources of information to help you to improve your technique and strengthen your knowledge of the sport. So I’ve created a list of the various websites and magazines/books that have helped me!


The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association has great sections for both members of the CPSA and non members. (I will be writing a separate post to explain the benefits of joining the CPSA membership scheme) On this site you can access a variety of information about different disciplines, you can find details of various shooting grounds and look for upcoming competitions and events. Click here to access the site; CPSA


CPSA website.png



The Association of Professional Shooting Instructors (APSI) website will allow you to search for shooting instructors in your area. Please note that this is not an extensive list of all shooting instructors; many will have qualifications through different boards such as the CPSA or Lantra. Nevertheless it is a useful directory if you are searching for contact details. Click here to access the site; APSI




If you’re the sort of person that likes to discuss your shooting with others you might want to join a forum. Shoot Clay is a fantastic site that provides a place for clay shooters to debate a wide variety of topics. Click here to access the site; ShootClay Forum



Books and Magazines

‘Breaking Clays’ by Chris Batha was one of the best books I found when I started IMG_20170824_195946_533learning to shoot, and I still dip into it now and again! It’s packed full of useful information such as ‘Gun Fit’, ‘Eye Dominance’ and ‘The Basics of Straight Shooting’. It’s written in a very clear way with photographs and diagrams too. An absolute essential for beginners, but also provides advanced techniques for those who’ve mastered the basics. Additionally you may find useful videos by Chris Batha on YouTube.




Clay Shooting Magazine is published on a monthly basis and can be purchased on an annual subscription. I really look forward to this arriving on my doormat each month! Along with regular features such as ‘Snapshots’ and ‘Fixtures/Results’, you can usually find a great article on Sporting problems solved, or an interview with clay shooting champions.




Clay Shooter is a free (yes that’s right!) magazine that can be picked up from most shooting grounds. It provides news, views and features from the clay shooting world. It’s published 9 times a year from February to October. If you can’t get to a shooting ground to pick this up, fear not… there is also an app that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet and even better still, you can access previous issues too!screenshot_20170905-222723.png